Skyhelmets Fujin chin mount manual

Step 1: Gather all the parts.

Step 2: Remove the chin padding.

Step 3: Place the part with the screws on the helmet. The screws should slot in to the lower holes.
Different helmets have different sized holes, so there is both a version with M3 screws and one with M4 screws provided. Pick the one with the biggerst screws that fit your helmet.

Step 4: Place the washers on the screws on the inside of the helmet.

Step 5: Screw the nuts on the screws finger tight. Use a pair of pliers to hold the nuts in place.

Step 6: While still holding the nut in place with the pliers, use the allen/hex key to tighten the screws. They should be tight, but don’t try to use your whole body weight as leverage.

You can replace the chin padding now.

Step 7: Place the removable part of the mount on the part you just mounted.

Step 8: Push the cutaway handle through the holes from the bottom. It goes through the removable part, through the mounted part and through the removable part again, all the way through until the tabs poke out.

Step 9: Mount your camera on the camera mount with the screw.

After mounting the camera, please pull the cutaway and reinsert it at least 5-10 times. This serves two purposes:
1. It let’s you get a feeling for the force needed to cut away the camera in case of an emergency.
2. It evens out any imperfections in the plastic (FDM based 3D printing is, unfortunately, not a 100% perfect manufacturing technique), making the fit better and cutting away easier.
Pulling the cutaway should be done quickly and forcefully, just like the cutaway handle on your rig.

Congratulations, your camera is now ready for some sweet jumps!