Cookie G3 chin mount manual

Step 1: Gather all the parts.

Step 2: Put one small rubber band around the other one.

Step 3: Take a pull up cord, preferably a thin one, and place the rubber bands in the middle of the cord.

Step 4: Pull both ends of the pull up cord through one of the center chin holes and pull them until the rubbed band is against the helmet.

Step 5: Pull one of the ends of the pull up cord through the other center hole and through the rubber bands.

Step 6: Pull the cord end you just put through the rubber bands out through the same hole where you just inserted it.
Pull on both ends of the cord until parts of the rubbed bands are on the outside of the helmet as in the second picture.

Step 7: Place the mount on the helmet with the pull up cord through the hole.
The mount should be orientated as in the picture, with the four pins fitting into the vent holes.

Step 8: Pull on the pull up cord and insert the pin into the middle of the rubber bands, where the cord is.
This part can be tricky, you might want to ask a friend to help you hold the mount down.

Step 9: Rotate the pin and slot it into the hole on the mount.

Step 10: Gently pull out the pull up cord, making sure the pin doesn’t pop out of it’s socket.
Pulling it out quickly wears the rubber bands more quickly, which might result in them braking. Thicker rubber bands are also more abrasive, so (as mentioned in step 3) use a small rubber band if you have one available, and pull on it slowly.

Step 11: Slide the j-hook into the mount. This can be done both from above and from below. Most likely you’ll want to slide it in from above so the camera is upside down.

If your camera doesn’t automatically rotate the picture, you will need to configure it so it knows the camera is upside down. If that’s not an option at all on the camera, mount the J-hook the other way around.

Congratulations, your camera is now ready for some sweet jumps!